Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have a feeling we're not in Minnesota anymore

I know, I should be reading the title of this post and thinking "for shame Jess, for shame." but I'm not. Today was ridiculous. I don't even know what the temperature got to because I figured if I looked it would just say "seriously does it even matter at this point?" and my answer would be no. Not it does not. Once you hit ridiculous the only reason people honestly check the weather is to see if they've earned bragging rights. It's well known that we like to brag about our weather. In the freaking winter time! If this keeps up, what the heck are we going to say when people ask us why we put up with this?:

You're kind of making us look like a bunch of jackasses Mother Nature. I'm just sayin'...

 I had a pretty sad moment today when my son got home from school and told me that all of the plants I had left on the front step had blown over into my day lilies. The wind wouldn't have mattered anyways, I had totally forgotten that all of my melon (five different kinds!) and pumpkin seedlings were out there. Most of the pumpkins are doing okay but I'm pretty sure I killed most if not all of my melons. I'm awesome.

On a brighter note, I thought I totally killed all of the asparagus but yesterday I noticed a spear growing which today has grown into a few! Apparently I just killed most of the asparagus! I know I wont be able to harvest any of it because it's the first year, but hey at least I didn't kill them all. I also noticed that my potatoes are growing which is pretty cool because I didn't really have much faith in those guys for some reason. Some of my cucumbers have sprouted while others haven't. I'm kind of debating whether I should stick a couple more seeds in the ground or wait a little longer. It's me so I'm probably going to just stick a few more seeds in the ground. Oh! My dear sweet husband finished putting in my supports for climbers! I will have pictures of those soon!


  1. neiner neiner, jackasses! That's what Mother Nature is saying right now. I'm just saying.....

  2. I know! I don't understand it! We must have done something to piss her off.