Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things that catch my eye

Whenever people show me their landscaping, I always seem to notice something I like, get really excited about it and go on and on about it until I realize I'm being a total dork. It's not like "oh wow, that's a really pretty flower" but more like "oh wow I love how the texture and color of the foliage of that plant contrasts with the one next to it..." but then I don't shut up about it. I can keep walking and looking at the rest of the plants but my thoughts keep going back to that one spot that caught my eye and I keep bringing it up like they really want to hear for the eighth time how much I love some plant combination I saw ten minutes ago. They're never like "oh my gosh I'm so glad you noticed that I did that on purpose because I thought so too!" they are usually like "...oh yeah, that does look pretty cool." like they'd never noticed before. I know I'm not alone here, there are books about these things! I know it's probably just because I don't really know anyone else who is as psychotic passionate about landscaping as I am, but I usually end up embarrassing myself and feeling like a total dork because I wont shut up about something and it's obvious that I'm the only one who cares.

So, since I am just typing this and wont be able to see when your eyes glaze over and you start to look at me like I am a crazy person for rambling on and on about things that catch my eye, here we go!

Bellflower White Clips

First of all, I love these bellflowers! When I was planning this whole area, I knew I wanted something small in front with white flowers. I ended up choosing these bellflowers because they are perennials. I am so glad I did! I love their compact habit and how they end up completely covered in blooms. One thing that always seems to catch my eye about this little area is the way the bellflower and the hosta behind it compliment each other. I love the contrast between the bellflower's small ruffled foliage and the broad smooth foliage of the hosta as well as the hosta's subtle white edges that mirror the color of the bellflower's blooms.

Spring 2011

I put this stepping stone here, because my sidewalk curves the other way. If we want to get to the hose or if the kids want to go to the back yard, usually they go in the opposite direction of the sidewalk. Stepping stone or not, that is the route that would be taken. Last year, it was surrounded by hens and chicks. They don't do so well when my kids miss the stepping stone. Ajuga on the other hand, can handle a little foot traffic so this spring I surrounded the stepping stone with it hoping that it would spread and surround the stone.

It has grown just like I'd hoped it would and I love the contrasts between the Ajuga and the stepping stone when it comes to color and texture. 

Next to the stepping stone, I also have a Gold Mound Spirea. I put it next to the Barberry bush because I loved the way their colors contrasted. 

Gold Mound Spirea

...but I didn't even really think about how lovely the Ajuga would look next to the Spirea when I planted it around the stepping stone!

One more thing when it comes to colors in general. With the idea of light colors kind of popping and visually seeming to come forward and dark colors almost receding in mind, here is a picture from when I began working on the plants in front

May 2010
Can you see how the dark mulch almost seems to take a step back and let the plants be the stars of the show as opposed to the light colored landscaping rock that almost looks as if it's competing with not only the plants but also the sidewalk for attention?

July 21, 2011
I like the dark mulch!

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