Friday, June 10, 2011

My first harvest of the year!

A strawberry. Just one! It's kind of funny being from Minnesota and watching people who live in warmer states post pictures online and talk about all of the things they have already harvested while my plants are still wimpy little guys. Even people in Minnesota who were able to get their cool weather crops in the ground at the appropriate time make me feel a little envious. While I did plant cool weather crops, I planted them a lot later than I would've liked to have planted them because my garden beds just weren't ready yet. While I'm hoping they do okay, I'm not going to get my hopes up. Maybe I can replant some of them in the fall and try again if they don't do well this time. Next year though? I'm on it! 

So here is my first harvest of the year. A strawberry! Yes, I know I probably could've given it another day but chances are, something else would've found it first. My husband said I should put it in the freezer so we can feed it to our family when times get tough. He is a smartass and I will not be sharing my one strawberry with him!

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