Thursday, June 2, 2011

Do they sell "children with rocks" collars for plants?

"We feel so uncool right now."

Last week I planted my peppers and tomato plants. The next morning when I went to check on them, I  noticed that one of my tomato plants was gone and another was broken and bent over. I quickly realized how the one was broken when I saw a rock sitting next to it. The day before, my boys were "helping" me by throwing rocks onto the landscaping fabric. I remember noticing an "oh crap" look on the older one's face at one point but I thought it was just because a rock landed in the garden bed. I didn't realize it actually took out one of my tomato plants! Then I went to see what the deal was with the other one. I didn't have to do much investigating before finding a big fat cutworm. Not cool cutworm. Not cool.

Now the rest of the tomatoes and peppers have super fashionable cutworm collars! I imagine if they could talk they'd be telling me how uncool cutworm collars are and asking me why I'm always embarrassing them.  Then I'd make them feel like ungrateful jerks by telling them how I bet their dear friend Early Girl tomato wished she had a cutworm collar that fateful night.

So, besides replacing two tomato plants there is still a lot left to do here. I still need to build the supports for climbers and then fill in between the beds and the perimeter of the garden with rocks. I also need to figure out where I am going to plant my pumpkins and melons, and move some of my raspberries back here and plant them in hedgerows. I've really been thinking about planting a live fence around the veggie garden with espaliered fruit trees but I'm not sure they'll all get enough sun once I put the supports in for the climbers. Then of course there would be the whole deer issue...

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