Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The difference five minutes makes

This morning I woke up to my son going





It was 7:25. My alarm clock goes off at 7:30.

When he is older, you bet your butt I will be calling him or waking him up five minutes before his alarm goes off so he can see how very precious that five minutes is.

Have I mentioned the fact that I'm not a morning person?

I'm not a morning person.

Then I rolled over and some how managed to jam my hand into my knee and bend my fingernail backwards. Why??? Why couldn't it just have broken? Man that hurts!

So then I got up to head to the bathroom, passing a mirror and realizing that in the morning, my haircut slightly resembles Robert Smith from The Cure's hair...or Edward Scissorhands' whichever. That thought was of course cut short when I stepped in my son's pee. Aim? Who wants to do that in the morning? I was wearing socks...stepping in wet things while wearing socks is just gross.

Then my alarm went off.

I'm so ready for naptime today!