Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Apparently 28 isn't what it used to be...

About a year ago, I noticed a weird little spot on the white of my eye. At first I thought maybe my eyes were just bloodshot or something so I didn't pay much attention to it. One day I was talking to my mom and she asked me about it and told me I should get it checked out. That night I did what every person does when they feel like scaring the crap out of themselves. I googled it. My google search gave me two possibilities. One was a freckle that happens more frequently with people that have a little more pigment in their skin as they get older. The other suggestion was of course cancer. Now here is where I learned quite a bit about myself.

Faced with these two possibilities... getting older or having eye cancer...which one was easier to wrap my brain around? Yep. I was convinced that I had eye cancer. I mean me? Getting older? HA!

So of course the more I thought about it the more that eye hurt and the blurrier it the time I went to the doctor I was convinced that I was doomed. Before I saw the doctor they took pictures of my eyes. When the doctor came to get me he was very nice and quiet. I was positive it was because he felt sorry for me. When I walked into his office there was the big picture of my eyes and he had circled something and written something on it. Ooooh crap. I knew it! My legs shook the entire time he checked my eyes.

Then the news...

I have an eye freckle. No, make that two eye freckles. One on the outside which is the spot that I noticed and one on the inside which is the thing that he circled. Other than that, he said that my eyes look really healthy and that I should wear sunglasses more often because of the pigment...thing...with the getting older...and what not. Then he gave me my new prescription and sent me on my merry way.

My husband of course thought this was hilarious and took every chance he could get to make fun of me. I hate to admit it but he has every right. This isn't the first time that I've googled some sort of ailment and convinced myself that I or one of my loved ones has cancer of some sort. It's even worse that I had just assumed that it must be cancer because there's no way I could be getting older, plus my eyes were blurrier and that was one of the side effects. No, it couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that I hadn't had my eyes checked in four years!

Get this, the very next day I kid you not I got mail from AARP!

I'm 28 years old!

*on a frugal note, since I still like the glasses that I already had. I just had them replace the lenses and I saved about a hundred bucks!


  1. Jess, thanks for making me laugh! It happens to all of us! I am going to be 65 in August.............I still feel like I am 25 inside! Age is just a number! It just happens all of a sudden and creeps up on you without your knowing it! Don't let it get to you and keep positive! I have been comfortable with whatever age I am; and I feel blessed! I have friends of all ages and from all different generations!

    Barb in Jax FL

  2. Thanks Barb I'm glad that I could make you laugh! We thought it was pretty funny but then when I got mail the next day from AARP we thought it was hilarious! My husband has been getting mail from them for years and I've been teasing him about it so of course he was loving it when he saw that I finally got mail from them. Hmmmm maybe he signed me up!

  3. OMG that was funny! :) I'm gonna be 29 this summer and have been feeling old--especially when I teach dance and these young gals are making me look terrible! haha

  4. Ha ha! My husband gets mail from AARP and Medicare all the time. He's a few years older than you, but definitely not in the medicare age bracket yet.

  5. You're very welcome Sandi, thank you for reading!

    Poshpreneur I couldn't even begin to think I could dance so you've got me beat!

    Heather, I wonder how people get on their list like that. For a while I thought it was because my husband is a veteran but now I'm not sure what the deal is!