Friday, September 19, 2008

No More Cheese Sandwiches!

So after Mister T's first day of school where he decided to leave the lunch I made for him in his locker and eat school lunch, I decided to just have him eat school lunch every day. I could do lunches for cheaper...but if he keeps pulling the "leave my lunch in my locker" stunt and getting food from the cafeteria...that would add up fast. I also figured it would be a good lesson in choosing foods for himself and having to eat what they have or going hungry. So every day he'd come home and I'd ask him what he ate that day. "cheese sandwich" Whaaat?!?!? Okay kid...I can make a cheese sandwich for you for lunch. In fact I can make a darn good cheese sandwich for him every day of the week and it certainly wouldn't end up costing 1.75 a day! So I talked to him and told him that we give the school money so he can eat anything he wants that they have there and that we'd really like for him to try other things. So on Wednesday he said he had spaghetti and yesterday he said he tried a taco and it was "yummy!" I really hope he continues to try new things at school or at least find a few things that he enjoys other than cheese sandwiches. I don't mind paying for a hot meal for him in the middle of the day but if he's going to eat cheese sandwiches, I'd rather do that myself. He's just too's always something!

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