Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He zigged when I thought he'd zag!

Today was T's first day of first grade! He did half days last year so I wanted to make sure that he had a really fantastic day. I went to the store to get a few surprise goodies for his lunch box, made his sandwich just the way he likes it and I even wrote a cute little note with a drawing on it to surprise him and make him feel special. I put a lot of love into that lunch box!

So today he goes to school...looking so cute in his new clothes. I could tell that he was nervous and I don't blame him, I was nervous for him! He started a new school this year! We brought him to school and walked him to class making sure to stay in the hallway. With him we've learned it's always better to let him leave us than have us leave him. So we took a picture of him by his locker, gave him hugs, told him we loved him and to have a great day and he went into class.

When we came back in the afternoon to pick him up, the first thing he said to me was "lunch was AWESOME!" Inside I was doing a happy dance...yeah that's right who's a mama that makes awesome lunches? Me that's who!

"I had pizza!!!!!" Wait...what? Yep...the kid left his lunch box full of love in his locker and had school lunch! I'm pretty sure that you could literally see my head deflating when he told me that! So of course, since we had planned on sending him to school with his lunch box we haven't deposited any money into his account. So yeah that little stinker already has a negative lunch account! 1.75 by the way...which for some reason shocked me. I guess I thought it was cheaper!
So...I think I'm going to go ahead and have him eat school lunch from now on. I think it'll be a good opportunity to make choices for himself and also learn how to eat what you get when not every single option is pizza! It's not exactly the most frugal thing in the world to do...especially not with all of that super cheap peanut butter and those fruit snacks that I got paid to buy... pizza... the kid eats pizza...

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  1. That's hilarious. I love it how kids always find a way to surprise us like that. I am just glad he had a good first day and remember it is the thought that counts plus you know that he knows you love him.

  2. lol yeah...he knows that I love him. I just thought it was funny...mostly because I got an inflated ego for a second when he mentioned how awesome lunch was! Of course it didn't go to waste, he ate his box lunch on the way home!

  3. LOl you had me rolling- kids are too funny. You still made an awesome lunch- Great job!! I do like the idea of letting the kid leave the parents I had problems with my oldest and I never let her leave me that would have made a much better transition.

  4. Read this article in the paper today and thought of you and this story:


  5. That's too funny! Yeah his lunch wasn't THAT fancy!